Our Volunteers


Having enough food for your family is a basic necessity for life, however there are many in our area that simply do not have enough food to feed their families and struggle everyday to meet this need. God’s Cupboard is one of Connected Blessings’ ministries that serves this need and provides large quantities of food to those that desperately need help.

Volunteer Stories:

These pictures represent a snap shot of all the people who assist us, at last count,

God has sent us 51 servants who regularly serve in one of the 3 areas.

We can always use volunteers to help pack, organize and distribute food.

For more information on how you can volunteer please visit our help needed page .


My wife and I are the founders of Connected Blessings and we started this non-profit company in 2004.Our goal is to give God’s abundant food to all those in need. We want to sincerely thank all of you; for without the Lord and all of you none of this would have happened.

Hi I’m Jerry,

I’ve been working with God’s Cupboard and this ministry for over 19 months and when you come to visit us you will find me on the check in table getting you registered. We at God’s Cupboard get to know each and every one of those we serve and consider it a real blessing to bring God and His abundance to all! Personally, I feel privileged to be a part of this ministry and look forward to seeing all the volunteers and those coming for food on a weekly basis. My prayer is to see God do a wonderful work in this ministry, and bring as many people as possible to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Hi, I’m Tina,

I have been coming to God’s Cupboard for many months and I help on the entry table. Since I speak Spanish I help the new people get registered and get into the computer system. Our new system has over 3000 registries and is growing.

Hi, I’m Pastor Ozzie!

I’m the one who greets the people every Monday with the word of God. I’m the Pastor for the Spanish people @ Calvary Chapel Centro in Anaheim. The VFW is where we meet for service for the people within the area every Sunday @ 8:30, AM. I have been working with Connected Blessings for many years and work with them on all events. Please come and say hello, I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Hi I’m Jose,

I speak Spanish and know the people who come to the Monday pass-out. I work the food lines and help with the distribution from the Pantry truck. I’m very glad to work with Pastor Ozzie and serve the people from our church! I’ll look forward to seeing you.

Hi I’m Brian,

When you see our truck coming down the road, I’m the driver and if it has to do with moving loads or helping with the set up, I’m there to help! I’ve been with Connected Blessings from the start. My goal is to get the volunteers what they need, either a delivery from the source warehouse or a upright for the pass-out.

Hi I’m Pastor Robert,

I’m sure you have seen me giving the message to the people this past year. We have brought over 75 people to the Lord and we will continue to help make an intro to the Lord possible to all. I’ll look forward to seeing you from time to time, God Bless you!

Hi I’m Alicia,

You have seen me working with the food pass out and assisting all those who need Spanish speaking people to talk too. I have been with Connected Blessings since it began. My husband has another church that we work and travel with and God’s Cupboard provides most of the food. Thanks to all those who bless us.

Hi I’m Sheryl,

I have been working with Connected Blessings for some time and have done every job they have, from filling bags to registering people. When you visit us who knows where you will see me. I take care of another family who needs food and they are without transportation, so I deliver food to them every week which brings me such joy!

Hi there my name is Yolanda!

I have been assisting Godscupboard since it started and have a daughter named Nicky and she helps also with the pass-out. You can tell I’m happy being able to help others.

God Bless you!

I’m Josephina

I have my own ministry helping the needy at our church, Calvary Chapel; Anaheim’s Spanish Ministry. I work with Connected Blessings on Mondays and help with the bagging on Saturdays. All of my family members join in the Saturday baggings.

Hi there,

We have been coming to the food pass out for over 2 years and have our own ministry serving others in another section of Orange County. I’m Juan and this is my wife Amata.

God Bless you

Hi, my name is Alex

I am part of the Spanish Ministry of Calvary Chapel, Beachside. I work with the bagging team on Saturday’s and I am thankful for the help Connected Blessings extends to our ministry. Pastor Robert and I have been with successful in feeding the needy of our congregation for over two years. God Bless You!

Hello I’m Ted, I have been working with Connected Blessings for some time. My family and I fish off the California coast an give the fish to the needy. We really enjoy the blessings God gives us when we help others. Please come by and say hi!

Hi, my name is Chris.

I started 2 months ago working with the Saturday bagging crew and got a chance to see this place. There are lots of people and lots of hands working for the benefit of the less fortunate. The joy of giving my efforts for another is great. I look forward to meeting you.

Hi there I’m Tom Sweeny,

I’m a Junior High School Vice Principal in the Pomona area and have been working with the needy for many years. I work with a bunch of guys who enjoy working with Gods Cupboard. We work arm and arm with Gods Cupboard to serve others less fortunate.

You can tell I’d love to meet you.

Hi I’m Mary,

I usually work on Saturday’s when Gods Cupboard is bagging. It’s fun to see all the people working and getting the bags filled. We all pray and work for people who are less fortunate.

This really gives me a good feeling.

Hello my name is Araceli,

I started with Gods cupboard in 2006 and know the people who started it. Our 2 families have been together ever since. When you come to visit us you will see me, please say hello! I’ll get you a good deal on God’s Blessings and love.

Hi There,

I’m Cathy Carter and I represent Zion Lutheran Church and School and Knott Avenue Christian Church. They are both located in Anaheim. I pick up and distribute food to many needy families who feel so blessed by God’s Cupboard and the food they provide.

Hi there my name is Haig,

I started out with Gods Cupboard many years ago. I enjoy the fellowship and helping the needy. I’ve loaded many bags and enjoy the chance to see the less fortunate being helped! Come and say Hi, I’ll really enjoy meeting you!

Hi I’m Bob Lucas,

When Gods cupboard originally started I was there and have really enjoyed talking to those who receive the food. I like praying with them and watching them grow towards God! Come by and say hello!

Hello I’m Pastor Wilian of Calvary Chapel Anaheim.

I have been coming and giving the Word for the past 2 years.

Please come by and say hello, I’d love to meet you!

I’m Alex,

My wife and I help feed the Romanian people with in our church, Emanuel Romanian church of God Anaheim. We have been receiving food for a long time from God’s Cupboard and enjoy the fellowship and efforts of all concerned with helping others. Our thanks to all who help as the efforts are so appreciated.

Hi you are looking at Roberto and Adele,

We have our own ministry and preach God’s Word every Sunday in the bayside church in Huntington Beach. We have been receiving food and working for the Lord with God’s Cupboard since 2009. God Bless you all.

Hello there,

I’m Eric and have been filling bags for many months, we get together and fellowship, discuss other religions and get to serve others. That’s where the joy comes in, God Bless you all!

I’m John,

I work with our church group about every other Saturday loading bags for the needy. The fellowship here is very good and we get to help some one else. Come down and try the experience. I’d love to meet you.

Hi There,

We have been working with Gods Cupboard loading bags every other Saturday. I’m Brittney and this is my husband Bryce. Feel free to stop by and say hi on a Saturday!


We are helpers at God’s Cupboard and usually every other Saturday you will find us there. The one in the blue shirt is David and the pretty one is Wendi, please drop by and say hi.

My name is Chris

I come down on Saturdays and give the needy a hand by bagging the food for Monday pass out. My sons and daughter often make it a family affair.

Hi, Our names are Pete and Sherry.

We are happy to be helping Connected Blessings. We participate in the Saturday morning bagging days. What a blessing to know our efforts help spread God’s love and provision to those in need!

Hi, We are the Bui family from left to right Jackie, Lisa and Kenny. We come often to work on Tuesdays passing out food and filling bags. Please come and join us as you can see we love this opportunity to help others God Bless you!
Hi there;

My name is Ferez, I have been working with the volunteers at God’s Cupboard for many months now and fill in where ever they need me. I have been doing basically the heavy stuff and helping when the cartons are to heavy or high for the staff. I’ll look forward to seeing you on Monday’s.

Alex Hello; My name is Alex, and I have been with Connected Blessings since it’s inception. My lovely wife is here also and her name is Arcelia. We work with those less fortunate than we are and by volunteering we get so much satisfaction.
Carlos Hello I’m Carlos and this is my wife Dolly We are volunteers for Connected Blessings and also help the shut-ins in our area by bringing them food. We also bring them the word of God. Come by and say hello!


CindyHello, I’m Cindy and Rod is my husband, we come to get a better view of the people in God’s family and to share everything His love has to offer.


DavidHi I’m David McCafferty and my family and I come to share in the work required to get food into the distribution Bags. The kids in the other picture are Josh, Meagan and Laurel. Look at the smiles come and say hi!


DSCN4889-1 Hello; I’m Brandon and work with the people @ Connected Blessings in all 3 of their pass-outs. It’s very satisfying to watch those in need get blessings from God.


mccafertuy Hi we are the McCafferty’s and we come with our dad David to help bag the food for the needy. The people are very fun to work with and we get to serve with our whole family, come and say hi!


RodHi I’m Rod and we come on different days to assist the Connected Blessing people with their different tasks. I get a chance to full fill one of God’s commands, His will is for helping others. Say hello to my wife Cindy and I.


SteveHello; I’m Steve I come to the Monday pass outs to assist the people with the bags from the truck. It gives me a chance to greet the needy families and bless them with God’s blessings. Come and say hello!